Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Thursday, and that usually means it's scrub the toilets day! Usually--meaning I just didn't get around to it today. Let's face it, one more day of dried pee accumulating behind the toilet in the kids' bathroom isn't going to kill anyone. One of these days Bobby's aim will improve. (Any wonder I only use my bathroom?) It'll get just as clean tomorrow.

Today, I baked cookies for the preschool fun fair. I made Rice Krispie-oatmeal cookies. I think I put too many rice krispies and then didn't stir it well enough because I had many many krispies left in the bowl. And the recipe only makes about 2.5 dozen and I doubled it. But the school wanted me to put 6 cookies per bag--6! There were no leftover cookies for us. I feel slightly bad because I have about ten baggies of cookies to contribute. Next year I'm making brownies.

Then, I've been sewing like mad. I'm making the Little House bonnets. It's going well. I was dreading having to make five of them, but I'm ahead of schedule. I'll post pics when they're done. Now I just need to get out the party invitations.


Meredith said...

Maybe you caught my cookie "mojo!" Anyhow, please post all your Little House bonnets and such. I really love the idea of that party. One day I want to take the kids to tour the "Little House" settlement sites. I think it would be so much fun.

Have a great weekend!!

Blogging Molly said...

My son and I have been working on his aim...I just hate cleaning the kid's toilet! One of the BEST birthday parties I have ever attended was a dress-up Little House party. My daughter wore a Native American costume, while I lucked out and found a period dress at the thrift store. We even went for a hay ride (towed behind a tractor, but fun nevertheless). I love your tax incentive/rebate widget. We have been having some long, serious discussions about the whole concept of being bribed to spend money frivolously to help mend a broken economy. In my opinion, consumer spending should be curbed. We will be depositing our check in savings, but have also thought about using part of it to participate in

Have a lucky duck weekend!