Friday, February 8, 2008

Getting it done...pretty much

I had some sewing success last night, but as I was taking pictures of the kids this morning, the camera battery died, so I can't post the pictures just yet. But the kids were thrilled. Bobby tied on his cape and began running around the house. The girls were just tickled with their new bonnets. I made the colonial-era bonnets last night--because it was just a circle with elastic and thus something I could complete quickly. Anyway, they also look just like the nightcaps that Laura and Mary wear on the Little House show, so they're all over that. I have to get the pictures up soon because they're just too cute. Maybe I'll do the "Little House" bonnets and present them on Valentine's day. But then I'll need something else for Bobby--boy, does this "fairness" thing get old!

I'm trying to come up with a theme for Caitlin's birthday party next month. I'd like to keep it simple (and by simple, I mean "cheap"). She has 12 girls in her class, plus three other friends from the neighborhood. So I'm up to 16 kids--and that doesn't sound "simple." It sounds like work. Last year I invited her preschool class and the neighborhood friends. I think it was about 12 kids, and that was a lot of work. Of course, half of the party was 5 year old boys, and they are exhausting. Only girls this year--and I'm wishing there were some way I could cut the numbers down, but they're kindergartners and I don't want to cause hurt feelings. Looks like it's 16 kids this year. Ugh.

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