Friday, January 13, 2012

Pictureless Musings

That's right, pictureless.  And I'm okay with that. 

I just looked out my window, and there's an odd kind of precipitation happening.  Like if the temperature were twenty degrees warmer, it'd be a drizzly mist--but since it's cold, it's a drizzly snow.  Tiny specks of white--and the wind is such that the specks are blowing rapidly and nearly horizontally.  Not quite a thousand words, but you get the picture, right?

I'm off today, and it looks like my first errand will be to deliver the sixth-grader's forgotten homework to school.  She has had a long week, and I felt so terrible for her when I found what she had left behind.  Thank goodness for email!  I was able to let the teacher know.

I have received some thank-you notes this week, and they just mean so much.  Putting pen to paper is so worth the effort.  I should put one or two of those in the mail today while I'm at it.

I am knitting a sweater.  For myself (you had to ask?).  It's a Quince and Co. pattern: the Belfast hoodie.
I'm using the Classic Elite Moorland heather yarn I purchased last year (I think--I hope it wasn't longer than that).  So far, so good.  The color is green, which is a definite departure from my usual purple and pink.  Progress is slow, but that's what winter evening knitting is all about, right?

I have also started cutting squares for a quilt.  Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! is hosting a quiltalong for her Sparkle Punch quilt. Mine isn't going to be exactly as hers is.  I also expect progress on this to be slow.  There is no rush here!

I had an email this morning that someone I've never heard of was now following me on Twitter.  Evidently she's a fun girl, and just looking for a good time!  Had to block her--sorry, dear.  I don't post on Twitter.  I just have the account so I can get on Pinterest.

Before Christmas, someone hacked into my Facebook account.  The one I thought was gone.  Evidently "deactivating" is not the same as "deleting."  And if there truly is a "delete" option, Facebook is hiding it.  So I re-deactivated.

Downton Abbey! 

So far, I've read two books this year: The Summer of the Bear by Bella Pollen, and The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz.  I recommend both.  Last night I started Vaclav and Lena.  It's a slow start.

That is all for now.  Happy Weekending.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Well, the rest of December got away from me, didn't it?  You know how it gets.  We are well, but not quite well-rested.  There have been many late nights around here in the past week or so.  Tuesday morning's school preparation will probably be rocky.  But until then, I'll show you the holiday that was:
There were paperwhites.

 There were silly, so-excited Christmas Eve pictures in our new Christmas pajamas.

 There were ice cream runs with Grandaddy.
 There were the newest outpost of Antique Archaelogy.
And there were silly, oh-so-tired New Year's Eve pictures.

And now, we are packing up the decorations and catching up on laundry.  I am off for another week before returning to work, so I intend to fully enjoy my remaining time off.

Happy New Year!