Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow day

I was signing on this morning to bitch about how it's a snow day, and how I didn't go to the grocery store yesterday (all but guaranteeing no school today), and how the kids have already gone out in the snow and come back in--all of them in tears and soaking wet. And it's just now nine o'clock.

But then, I saw that I had three comments--three of them! I've never had that many comments at one time! I'm so excited! Hello! And thank you for stopping by! I have been having such a great time lately finding new blogs. I'm just blown away by all the creative energy out there--and it's always fun to read about other moms' adventures.

I suppose a day off from school will be okay. We're all still recovering from last week's viral fun, so another day at home won't kill them. I just feel a little frustrated. After Caitlin woke me at four this morning with a nosebleed, I had trouble falling back asleep partly because I was busy contemplating a run to Joann fabrics this afternoon...I was making a list of projects and supplies. And I was getting quite excited! Then, I really should have gone to the grocery store yesterday. It's funny--I grew up in South Carolina, and there, at the slightest mention of any kind of frozen precipitation, you had to run to the store and buy all the bread and milk you could find. And I still retain that mentality. Maybe because I wasn't feeling well yesterday I just let it slide. I honestly was surprised that school was cancelled today. The plows haven't even been to our neighborhood today! Maybe the town and the school district conspired to get the day off and avoid paying overtime for early-morning plowing!

We're out of hot chocolate, which seems to be the most important part of a snow day. I think the kids will manage, though. They're playing Whack-a-mole right now. I wonder how long until they start going after each other with the little plastic mallets...

I'm going to look up the salon number and make myself an appointment for a haircut tomorrow! Then I'll go to Joann tomorrow and line up sewing projects to see me through the end of winter! I have to remind myself that I was begging for's really pretty, so I'd better go take some pictures.

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