Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday was a productive day

I know I've raved about turkey feathers before, and even about her XOX Tote Tutorial, but today was the day that I actually made a tote.

Caitlin is invited to a birthday party for twin girls next weekend, and I wanted to start making birthday gifts instead of buying crap. Here are the bags:

It's funny. I didn't realize that I had left more space around the embroidery on the purple bag until I looked at this picture. Oh well. Each bag has something I like better about it...but they're both great (IMHO)--kinda like children! *wink*

I got the pattern for the embroidery from needlecrafter.com and I stitched those over the weekend. I'm going to have to buy a really bright light or glasses or both if I'm going to continue to embroider. It was tough on the eyes!

And here is the back of the bags. Turkey Feathers made her XOX bag using jelly roll strips. I just cut pieces of fabric that I already had into long strips. I figure I have to use up what I have before I start dropping $30 on moda jelly roll strips...
On Friday, we're going to go to the bookstore to buy books to put in the bags. Caitlin didn't want to wait until Friday, she wanted to go yesterday! This has been fun, and now that I have started thinking about all the girls I know with spring birthdays, I can see that I'm going to be quite busy!


Vicki said...

I sooooooooo love these! Beautiful.

Thanks for stoppng by my blog...now I need to know your "Old Movie List"!


Meredith said...

Okay, I've only read a few posts, but I can already tell I will love your blog. Also, I've had the same haircut phenomenon...it's unreal!! And I love your craftiness and your plans for a Little House birthday party! I have to read on when I can!! Post pics of the bonnets!!

Marcia said...

Very, very cute! Just what I needed to see, something else adorable to add to my list of things I'd like to make. Thanks for sharing

Kathryn said...


Thanks for the well wishes on the cookies. So far it has been easy and I've used great restraint.

ColleenDV said...

Hi Meg! I love your totes! They are great! Bella made heart pillows for each of her classmates this year for valentine's day this year-they loved them very much. Now if only I could learn to sew! Bella is also knitting (it's a part of their school day). Is Caroline reading the Little House books? We are on Book four now-but we are taking a break and are now reading Harry Potter book 2.

Sarah and Jack said...

These are really cute!