Sunday, February 24, 2008

There ought to be a word...

you know, for that phenomenon that occurs the day you go to get your hair cut. After looking crappy for what seems like weeks, on haircut day, your hair suddenly looks better than ever. Like it knows! Fortunately, I've been up against this phenomenon before. I knew that if I didn't cut it, those straggly split ends would be back. The strands would keep breaking off in my hairbrush. Off to the salon!

This is obviously before. With apologies for the unclean mirror and the bathrobe. And the flash. It's hard to take a self-portrait! And here comes the after--with apologies again because my arms aren't long enough. We're just a little too close to my face for comfort, but anyway:

I look slightly deranged, sure, but isn't the hair so much better?

Time to go make breakfast!


Marcia said...

You're gonna love that shorter hair once the snow is all gone. Nothing feels more like Spring to me than a new hairdo.

Julie said...

Hi Meg! I just typed in this long comment and then had to sign up for an account and lost everything! Oh well,
in brief: LOVE the hair, man it was long!
LOVE the Easter Baskets, you could sell those!
LOVE the bonnets, how will you do the rest of the party? Must have details for my new party planning business...
Purse was pretty easy except my darn iron keeps turning off while in use. A CT phenomenon apparently. It took hours to do the interfacing.
Next purse: black toile w/black satin lining and a hot pink cording around the bottom for a little pop.
What are you making for yourself? A little dress I imagine?
I'll have to check this website out more often...very cool!