A little more about me

I am a married, 45-year-old mom of three kids.  Those kids just insist on getting older and bigger--who gave them permission to do that? 

Some days I still wonder how that happened.  Wasn't I just 17?

I love the idea of cooking gourmet dinners every night.  It doesn't always happen.  Okay, maybe it happens once a week.  And that might be stretching it as far as the gourmet part goes.

Although I wouldn't call myself a cookbook collector, I have a shelf full of cookbooks that would support such a claim.

I learned to knit in 2008, and I think I've had a project on the needles ever since.  Right now there are at least two projects languishing on the needles because we brought home a puppy in 2012.  One day I'll get back to it--but I'm not holding my breath.

I am always reading at least one book.  I love mysteries.  And anything set in England.  Before, during, and/or after WWI and/or WWII.

I've also started re-reading novels that I read (or probably should have read) in college.

I use the word "dude" too much.  Also, "bro."  I'm pretty sure that one day soon, my use of these words will embarrass my children.

I love getting mail--letters, not bills.  So I occasionally write letters, because you have to send in order to receive.

I love writing lists.  I have many little notebooks for the lists.  I have passed down this love of notebooks to my kids.

I love going to the beach, but I am terrified of rip currents and melanoma.