Saturday, February 23, 2008

Little Pleasures

We survived the snow day. The kids watched more TV than I would have liked, and they seemed to be hungry all day long. Caroline went "sledding" with some friends later in the afternoon. I think they really went sliding down a snowy hill in a 30 degree rain. And she said she had a blast. God bless the parents who took her!

I managed to get to the fabric store late yesterday afternoon. I bought enough fabric to make five Little House bonnets, two patterns for clothing for me and fabric to make both. I'm so nervous about trying to make my own clothes--even though the patterns say "easy" on them, I'm wary. They may be easy enough to stitch together, but if the fit isn't that great, I'm not sure how to go about fixing that. Maybe I should wait until my mom comes up to visit. She has years of sewing expertise...knowing me, I'll at least try one of them before too long. I'll be sure to report the results.

I've decided to keep Caitlin's birthday party very small--five guests. And that's if all the invited guests show up! I want to do a Little House theme, that's why I'm making the bonnets. They'll be the girls' party favors. I think five guests will be perfect! We can actually do some activities and I won't be all stressed out.

The hair salon was closed yesterday, so I couldn't make an appointment. Can you imagine? The hair salon closed for a snow day! And it had stopped snowing by early afternoon. They could have opened up later in the day. Not to worry. I'm going to call in a little while to see if they can fit me in today. Or tomorrow. I feel like chopping a few inches off the bottom of my hair will somehow lift my spirits.

Happy Saturday to you all!

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