Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Makeover

We have a huge brown couch.  It's huge.  It's brown.  We really didn't give as much thought to the couch buying process as we should have.  Mostly we were concerned with whether it would fit in the room.  I think we went with brown because it would hide stains.  I don't really remember.  But there it is.  Brown.  With all these brown throw pillows.  And a few red ones that I bought a few years ago in an effort to jazz things up.

Last Friday I went to Jo-ann's and went to town in the home dec section.  (I had a really great coupon.)  By Saturday afternoon, my favorite corner of the couch looked like this: 
 Much better.

And I've been sitting in my favorite corner of the couch quietly working on a Tomten for my little man.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine Recap

I finished Libby on Saturday night.  Whew.  And she loves it!  It's a little wide across the shoulders, but the sleeves are the perfect length, and it's just beautiful on her.
 The bands around the cuffs are reversed from the band around the bottom of the sweater.  That is because I was about to run out of the dark blue, so I switched it up.  I think it makes it fun.

And here are the legwarmers.  Caitlin wore them to dance on Monday afternoon.
As another Valentine surprise, I ordered chalkboard placemats from Leslie.  The kids just love them!  They have spent every meal so far doodling on them.
 On Monday, I purchased flowers for Caitlin's teacher. The place had such great prices that I picked up some for myself, too.  I chose springy yellow tulips, because even though most of our front yard is still covered in snow, I just know spring is out there somewhere!
So there was our Valentine's day.  This year I went a little overboard, but I think it was the perfect pick-me-up for mid-winter!  I hope your Valentine's day was a sweet one.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's almost mid-month already?  Time really flies sometimes!  We are all well (for the most part--the fifth grader was sent home last Thursday with a fever, but she bounced back).  I had a congregational lunch and meeting to prepare for last Sunday, and it went well--and I'm glad to have it behind me! 

And I've been working on some Valentine crafting...

The Libby sweater is almost done!  I still have to sew in the sleeves and find buttons.  Why is it that finding buttons is so difficult?  And I finally started a tomten sweater/jacket for Bobby.  I hope he likes it.  It's all garter stitch, so I'll probably be ready for some cables again once it's finished.

Today I'm going to make some shortbread cookies and pick out some buttons.  Sounds like a good day, don't you think?  Maybe tomorrow I'll pick up some wine to celebrate a full week of school and no snow!