Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just Another Thursday

I haven't posted in a few days, and I hate not having a picture to show you, but we didn't do anything picture-worthy in the last few days. Caroline, my 7 year old, got a new webkin, but I'm trying to keep this a webkinz-free zone, so no pictures of that. Our Fourth was un-picture-worthy as well. We went to the free movies (Nanny McPhee), ate lunch, went bowling, and went to BJ's for propane and paper towels. Thrilling stuff! Our planned trip to a park for an outdoor concert and fireworks was rained out, so the kids got to go to bed an hour earlier than planned. And Rob and I started watching the first season of Rescue Me on dvd. The first two episodes were pretty good. Between Rescue Me and Planet Earth, I hope we have enough dvds to get us through summer reruns and "Age of Love."

On an unrelated note, I found some interesting reading over at A former professor wrote an open letter detailing how the Board of misTrustees hijacked my alma mater. It was a twenty-page indictment, and it got my blood boiling all over again! I hope to spend some time this afternoon firing off angry letters to trustees again!

I can't believe it's Thursday already--with the day off yesterday, today had a very Monday feel about it. We're off to swimming lessons--the girls got moved to the 9:30 lessons, and it hasn't exactly been warm. Wish us luck!

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