Friday, July 27, 2007

Tick, tick, tick

I swear, the countdown to vacation is so much worse than the countdown to Harry Potter. The clock has all but stopped. It's two o'clock, I have nothing for the kids to do, we're almost out of food, and they won't stop fighting. Maybe we could go to a movie this afternoon? At least we'd be out of the house.

I'm almost done packing, and the last laundry and dishwasher loads are going. Now I have to remember random stuff, like HP books for my mom and other books to return to my mother-in-law. My bag is already full, and I haven't packed my shoes yet! Time to buy a bigger suitcase, I guess.

This coming week, I'm going to try to enjoy being computer-free for a whole week. I may even start this afternoon. Wish me luck.

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