Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feelin' good...

that I finally spent some time catching up on my scrapbook last night! My family album stopped at Christmas, so I was seven months behind. Thanks to the new stuff I bought from my sister-in-law, I blazed through four months' worth of memories in about an hour and a half. (Check out her stuff at www.mycmsite.com/sites/corinnedesevo ) Now I just have to finish each kid's school album and then I'll be able to get completely caught up in the family album.

Caroline has a well visit at nine, which means I had better start drinking this coffee a little faster if we hope to be on time.
Whew! We barely made it to the doctor's office, and Caitlin screamed/cried the whole way about how she doesn't like her swim teacher. Then, at the swim lesson with the teacher she claims to hate, she proceeded to go under water for the first time in her life--multiple times! Go figure.

Today we also took Fletch to the vet for his shots. I have to say, he wasn't as bad this time. I swear the last time I took him somewhere he shook and whimpered the whole way. He did well today. (Btw, Caroline's well visit was fine--she even got a shot without any fuss!)

And finally, I called Verizon and talked our tv/phone/internet bill down about $30 a month. Now I won't have to cancel HBO! It's all good!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Creative Memories site....you have quite a talented sister in law....cant wait to start a book of my very own.