Sunday, July 15, 2007

Survived the weekend!

It's Sunday night, and I probably wouldn't have posted, but my brother wanted to hear how our bowling excursion went. We bowled today, but let's backtrack to Friday, shall we?

Ditch Wonderland was fun. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch beforehand instead of Bob Evans. The real Bob Evans (Rob's father) was fond of the Barrel, plus Rob hadn't eaten at one in many years and he wanted to. I, for one, remember exactly why we hadn't eaten at the Barrel in many years...anyway, I had the Chicken Fried Steak smothered in gravy--a favorite dish of my dad's. It was okay. The kids were loving the fact that they could have pancakes for lunch. I think Rob was disappointed in his meal. What? Sub-par food at the Cracker Barrel? Hard to imagine!

Ditch Wonderland was pretty good. They added a tilt-a-whirl this year, so I was all over that! Caitlin went on very few rides--she has a low tolerance for thrills. The weather was not too hot, we got home around ten.

Saturday...don't remember much about it. Oh, yoga, grocery store, then the pool in the afternoon. That brings us to today. We kicked off with our bowling outing. I'm a very inconsistent bowler, and I continued that pattern today. I started off with a strike. By the seventh frame, I crapped out and rolled some gutterballs. I started overthinking--is that even possible in bowling? And I pulled several things (muscles, ligaments, who knows), as usual. I finished with a 97. At least I beat the kids this time!

Later in the afternoon we saw Ratatouille. It was cute, once you get past the idea of rats in the kitchen. Then we finished off with pizza, and it was off to bed for the little people!

Rob wanted to know what I was typing, and I had to tell him I had a blog. He even had to get off the couch to check it out. I'm a little embarrassed, as I imagine he is as well. Oh well, he knew I was a dork. Speaking of dorks, in just one week I will have in my hot little hands the final episode of the Harry Potter saga! Input please: do I read it as fast as I can, do I permit myself like 50 pages a day, or do I wait a whole week and read it while on vacation? Is anyone else excited about this, or is it just me and all the fourteen year old boys?


Anonymous said...

read it as fast as you can and send it to your brother. my theory is that snape is revealed as a hero, giving up his life for harry (something to do with honoring harry's mother) i also bet hagrid gets offed. i think snape as a harry-hater is a total red-herring (yes i realize this has already been put out there, but what do you think)?

Meg said...

I agree with your Snape thoughts. I also wonder if we will find out that Dumbledore is a descendant of Gryffindor--and somehow distantly related to Harry? If you read the end of HBP where Snape and Harry are talking (after he's killed Dumbledore), you can read it from your Snape-is-good p.o.v. and it makes total sense. I'm so excited!