Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spoiler-free...not so easy!

As you may know, the final installment in the Harry Potter saga comes out at 12:01 on Saturday morning. I am trying to remain spoiler-free, but even the New York Times is conspiring against me! This morning, they already had a review posted. I got about four or five paragraphs in before I sensed too much information coming my way. I'm glad I stopped when I did, because my next stop was Mugglenet, where they said that review contained major spoilers. Good grief, can't anyone enjoy the anticipation any more? This is never going to happen again, so why not let everyone enjoy the story on their own time? Why ruin it for others?

I'll probably start reading as soon as I get my copy, and I promise I won't reveal details. Odds are, a week from now, everyone on the planet will know how it ends--but you won't hear it from me!


Anonymous said...

have you promised anybody your copy? i'd love to borrow it! with the utmost sincerity and respect,

your loving brother Michael

Meg said...

Damn, boy! I may have to give it to my mama first--now that she's reading them and all. I'll see what I can do.

Don't you have where you live? (tee hee)

Big Sis

Anonymous said...

please disregard my vote to your question, i have never even read a harry potter book. but does an educated vote really matter in this country?