Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sheet Dreams

I seem to be making things in twos around here. Two summer blouses, now two sets of sheet-pajamas.

I found this sheet at a thrift store. They only had the flat sheet--if they'd had the whole set, I'd have put them on Caitlin's bed. But they didn't, so yay for me.

I made my own bias tape for this--actually, this bias tape is left over from a project from last summer, so I'm kind of stash-busting here (*wink*--I'm just justifying my awful habit of saving every scrap of everything--because you never know when you can use it!)
And here's the finished product. I went with ruffles, because they're my pajamas, and if I want them super-cutesy, I'll make them that way! Now I'm all ready for bed!

1 comment:

Journeying Five said...

great idea, great way to use an old sheet and re-make it again.