Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun in the Kitchen

Fun? Not all the time. Sometimes deciding what's for dinner is the toughest chore of the day, and actually preparing it is also just another chore. Sometimes you need a little help to make it fun.

I have really scored at the Goodwill lately. I usually only come away from there with books, but in my last two trips, look what I've found! Fridgies! And the white ones were $.97 and $1.97!I decided I needed a new apron for spring. I've participated in many apron swaps in the past year, so I have an assortment of lovely aprons. However, most of them are half-aprons. Because I tend to be a bit of a spaz, I prefer full aprons. I've had my eye on the Provence Smock in the A is for Apron book, and I finally made it.
It's not so flattering--I mean, where's the waist? But it does enhance the girls, so there's a trade-off. I love this fabric. John sent some of this fabric for last month's Sew Connected, and the next time I went into Joann, I had to buy some of it.
The smock has a cute criss-cross back, and I'm violating the eleventh commandment (Thou Shalt Not Take a Photograph From Behind) in order to show it to you. Focus on the apron, please, and know that I'll never do this to you again!

Now that I've traumatized all of us, go enjoy your holiday weekend! The kids are off tomorrow and Monday, so there's lots of family fun to be had!


julesinseach said...

You are too funny.
I think the 12th commandment should be "thou shalt not take self-photo staring up into ones nostrils"
I've seen more than my fair share of those in Blog Land.

I LOVE your apron. It looks like a shirt that I have.

Meredith said...

Cute apron!! And our Goodwill never has the pyrex...way to go!!