Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello, again

Ack! Another week gone by! Where to start?

Since I haven't been on the computer, I've been sewing like a madwoman. I could put on a slide show with all I've been doing, but I think I'll dole it out in small bits--that way I can make short posts more frequently (like when I get a five-minute window of time on the computer).

Let's see...where to begin? Okay, here's a short one. I have a favorite set of summer pajamas. My mom gave them to me when I was pregnant with Bobby. That was six years ago, so the jammies are looking a little worn. What to do? When hubby is unemployed, and all I've got is this sewing machine and this serger and this bias tape and this vintage sheet I thrifted last year... what on Earth will I do?

I will make pajamas from that thrifted sheet! I'm all kinds of pleased with myself, and I'm just dying to get my hands on more sheets. I feel like Fraulein Maria when she decided to make the playclothes from the old curtains!

Finally, I had to share this. I think I've killed it. I know I over-watered it, but then I put it in a bigger pot and added dry soil to it. I waited a week, then I watered it--sparingly. It's not looking good. Should I just toss it, or give it more time? I haven't killed a houseplant in a while. Bummer.

If I'm lucky, I'll share another sewing post tomorrow.

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Journeying Five said...

love the PJ's, that's a great idea with the vintage for the plant, not looking good!