Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sew Connected: April

Confession: No Sew Connected activity happened here in April. John sent his fabrics in late March, and I was so excited about these fabrics that I made these all within a few days of receiving them. And this also means that I have yet to mail them to John...

He asked us to make log-cabin inspired blocks, and he also encouraged us to try sizes other than 12.5" square.

I don't know why this was so exciting for me, but the freedom to make a 6.5" square (or 9.5" or 6" x 12") just seemed to make the whole process much easier.
Maybe it was because I had so much wonderful fabric to play with.

Honestly, I could have made double the amount of blocks (and probably still have left-over fabric), but even good things must come to an end.

Amy's fabrics have arrived for May, and I must get these blocks to John...

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John said...

They're ALL awesome ... and I love them lots! Thanks again!