Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun in the Kitchen: Orangette-style

Last week, I checked out A Home-Made Life from the library. That Molly Wizenberg sure has a way with words--I mean, I wanted to rush out to the store to buy a cauliflower so I could roast it and eat it with salsa verde. Cauliflower! A few bloggers who have read this book made the coconut macaroons first, but I started with some dinner entrees.

Tonight, we had the Bouchons au Thon.

Wow, was it good. It's basically a meatloaf muffin, only with tuna instead of ground beef (or meatloaf mix). I don't eat tuna very often, but this will be added to the rotation from now on. So yummy!

Over the weekend, I browsed through my sister-in-law's copy of Bon Appetit and found this recipe, also by Molly Wizenberg. We just love us some wild-caught sockeye salmon, so I was all over this one, too.
That's Creme-Fraiche Roasted Salmon. Start with Salmon. Add salt and pepper. Coat with creme fraiche. Cook for 15 minutes, and then ... Rob said, "what are you going to eat?"
So very delicious! There was no time for an "after" picture--it smelled heavenly, so we dove right in.

I will be sad to return this book to the library. I know I can get the recipes from Orangette, but I just love reading her stories about the foods. I will share more of my experiences as I make the recipes--that chocolate cake is going to be made soon!
After all, we do have a birthday coming up. Someone is going to be turning NINE, which I cannot believe! I have a luau to prepare for and hula hoops to purchase.

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Journeying Five said...

what is creme fraiche? I have never heard of it before!