Saturday, June 28, 2008

We survived the first week of summer. Whew! How many more to go? Swim lessons are going well--all kids are participating in their lessons. The quiet time is going pretty well also. They still complain about it, but they all pretty much stay in their rooms and read or play. Caroline has taken to cleaning up her room during that time, and I'm all for that!

At the library yesterday we checked out a variety of books with Independence Day themes. We don't have any plans for the Fourth--I suspect we'll be heading over to New Jersey at some point during the weekend, though. The only problem with that is our dog--you know, the one who needs to go out to pee every two hours or so. I know the kennel is booked for the weekend, so we'll either take him with us (not fun) or we'll just go over for the day...

Yesterday afternoon, all the electronics in Rob's car stopped working, so we had to pick him up from the dealership. Now we have one car for I don't know how long...hopefully we'll hear something today about what the problem is and how long it'll take to fix.

Rob and Caroline are both feeling under the weather today. Rob went to bed with a headache and feeling fever-y. He still wasn't feeling great as we all drove him to work this morning. Caroline woke me at 1:30 in the morning feeling achy all over. She felt hot, so I got her some ibuprofen. About one minute after swallowing the medicine, she threw up. At least I got her to the toilet in time. She felt cool this morning, but just threw up about fifteen minutes ago--she'd only had water and a few cheerios. This time she was in the bathroom, throwing up right next to the toilet. Sigh. So now the downstairs bathroom is clean. I guess we're laying low today, which is fine. Rob has had a very long week, so a day of lounging in front of the TV will be okay. Especially since I haven't been letting the kids watch much TV at all during the week.

Have a healthy weekend!

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Meredith said...

MY gosh...our electrical system went out today too!!

Feel better vibes to your family!!