Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What next?

Now that the lazy days of summer are almost upon us, I'm feeling like I don't have time to accomplish anything! What's going on this week? Caroline was supposed to have an orthodontist appointment this afternoon, but I moved it to next week so she won't have to miss the end-of-year party. She was diagnosed with swimmer's ear yesterday, so we're having all sorts of ear-drop fun.

The girls are ready for their own rooms, like RIGHT NOW. I don't think they have a clue about how much furniture is going to have to be moved to accomplish this. Plus, I don't have any pretty bedding ready for Caroline yet. I think she's old enough to handle using the old guest room stuff while I wait for the fabric to be available in stores. And now Bobby wants his big bed like today. We (and by we, I mean, I am) are still on the fence about the bed situation. Right now, we could give Caroline the queen from the guest room, give Caitlin her bed (a twin) and get a headboard for Bobby to use the other twin mattress. But Caitlin says she wants a bigger bed (you know, because she's just spilling out of that twin)--we could use my old full bed and just buy a new mattress for it. Then we'd have two twin mattresses--we could get a trundle bed for Bobby. That involves spending more money than we'd like to right now. At some point, we'll have to actually do something about this. I can move the furniture by myself, but solving all the bed requests is going to involve both parents. And a credit card...

Next up, I decided yesterday that taking on three or so sewing projects was a good idea. Sigh. One day I'll learn. I wanted to make aprons for the kids. But I decided to make my own bias tape. There's a multi-day project in itself!

On to something fun...our trip! Last Tuesday, Rob and I skipped town for a couple of days. We went up to Hyde Park in New York. It was beautiful. We are all full of FDR information now, and we still can't fathom how obscenely wealthy all those Vanderbilts were--they had a little 25 room "cottage" that they used for a couple of months a year...you know, a weekend place. (!!) We ate a couple of meals at the Culinary Institute of America. Very tasty. I was expecting more of a scenic drive along the water. If it exists, we didn't find it. Also, we wanted to do a river cruise, but they weren't running one on the day we wanted to do it. I bet it's just beautiful in the fall. But still, it was a couple of days away from all the little people, and those don't happen very often, so it was nice. It was also nice to come back to all those little welcoming arms.

I am debating on what to do next--start moving furniture, or work on sewing. Sewing is probably going to win out, because I know that once I start on the furniture, the girls will hound me until it's all done.

Happy Summer!

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Meredith said...

I know I know...that end of school beginning of summer craziness. So many projects and ideas and plans!!! Let me know how it all works out...I did manage to finish taking down our downstairs' bathroom wallpaper...it only took 7 years!!