Sunday, June 15, 2008

Catching our Breath

So we've been back from our getaway for a few days, and I still feel like I'm way behind. I have received two beautiful aprons from the apron swaps, and I haven't been able to photograph them or post about it. We've been running around some more--my mom left on Friday, and then Rob's mom came into town that afternoon. I'm catching up on laundry as I type.

The girls have only a few more days of school--Caitlin's last day is Tuesday and Caroline finishes on Wednesday. Then it's officially summer around here. I think I'm ready. Goodness knows I've downloaded just about every kid-friendly activity there is from the internet and I've checked out a stack of books from the library for anything else. We should never run out of things to do!

We went strawberry picking yesterday and I followed Erin's recipe for freezer jam today. We should know by tomorrow whether I was successful!

I'm also making some bread this afternoon--because making bread is way more fun than cleaning the floors.

And it's Father's Day. Rob is driving home from New Jersey right now--he returned his mom and they stopped by the cemetary to visit his dad and granddad. Rob had a mini-Christmas this morning from the kids. Now I've gotta go scare up a recipe for dinner, and my washer is beeping an error message at me--I'm guessing I shoved a few too many towels in there...

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Anonymous said...

you never mentioned where you went on your getaway! Happy Anniversary-Ron and I celebrated 11 years yesterday! My kids have been on vacation for the past week-Luca has a little camp this week-but we have a quiet summer! Enjoy the last week! Colleen