Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What doin?

That phrase is borrowed from Caitlin--she used to ask "what doin?" when she was younger. Anywhoo, here's what doin today:

Off to the pool soon for swim lessons. We didn't go to the pool yesterday afternoon because the kids failed to follow the simple rules for Quiet Time (the #1 rule, of course, to be quiet). Missing out on pool time in the afternoon had some unforeseen consequences.

We had to drive Rob to the doctor yesterday evening, and there was all sorts of bad behavior there. After I revoked dessert, they had no further stake in behaving (behaving well--they were all about behaving inappropriately), and--here's the personal growth part--I just kinda resigned myself to it. I mean, it wasn't great that I pretty much gave up, but I realized that if I started to take away the next night's dessert, etc, it wasn't going to work because there was no immediate consequence for them. I did take them downstairs out of the waiting room so they wouldn't annoy other patients. They can't be angels all the time, and they certainly weren't last night. But I didn't get myself all twisted out of shape about it. So yay for me.

And Rob, after running a ridiculously high fever for three days, finally got some antibiotics. The doctor thinks it's a bacterial sinus infection--the blood test with confirm or deny--but he sweated about a gallon last night and his fever appears to have broken. Now he's alternating Motrin and Tylenol to keep the fever and headache at bay. He seemed much better this morning, and I'm so glad. It was hard to watch him be in so much pain, and yesterday afternoon he was shaking so badly it was a little frightening. Hopefully we're back on the road to good health.

We're off to the pool now, wish us luck!

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Meredith said...

You are a gooooood mommy. Very good. And I think very realistic and right on track.

Feel better vibes sent Rob's way! Hope swimming went well!!