Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Caroline is watching Oklahoma right now. The other two are in the background commenting that it's a stupid movie. Sigh. I guess not everyone is ready for a little culture.

Today, Caroline took and passed the band test at the swim club, so now she can go in the big pool all by herself! I was so proud of her. I was also a nervous wreck watching her--they have to tread water for three minutes, and I swear it was five. She was very close to running out of steam, but she made it!

Then, after our pool outing, we were off to the orthodontist. Caroline has sucked her thumb since she was three weeks old. The problem is that she does it mostly while she's sleeping, so it's time for some kind of appliance in her mouth. The ortho put spacers in her back teeth today, and next week he'll take a mold of the top of her mouth to make the appliance. Hopefully this will mean no braces when she gets older. So we'll be back and forth to the orthodontist a few more times this summer.

Bobby actually participated in his swim lesson today, much to my relief. Yesterday he just refused to go in. Today was much better. They don't have lessons tomorrow, so we'll be off to the free movies in the morning!

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Meredith said...

Oh my...we got told by the dentist that Aron needs to see an orthodontist asap for his crooked teeth! We are not sure if he's ready for braces as he hasn't lost but 8 teeth.

Glad the swimming was good! James refused to enter the pool all last summer. I chickened out on his having lessons this year. Maybe next summer!!