Monday, June 23, 2008

Camp Mommy: Day One

So today is the First Official Day of Camp Mommy. So far, we've donned our new aprons to make Honey Drop Cakes, we've been to swim lessons, we were fairly successful with quiet time, and now the little ones are watching a movie while Caroline swims at a neighbor's. Hopefully, we'll all go to the pool later.

Here is Caitlin's apron:
And Caroline already has some food on hers--nothing like additional laundry!
Here's Bobby's apron. I love the bias binding on this one. I may make bias tape all the time, it's so cute!
And Caitlin has a birthday party this weekend (and she got another invite over the weekend--does this ever stop?), so I made this bag during quiet time. I love this jumbo rick-rack! I want to put it on everything that I make!
There have been a few small wrinkles in the day so far, but on the whole it's going well. Now, if Bobby would just get in the pool at his swim lesson tomorrow, we'd really be getting somewhere!

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Meredith said...

I love the bag and aprons!!! So cute. I wish you a smooth summer all summer long. We spent the day at the Discover Center and then ice cream after. I'm just tooo tired to wrangle James around the pool today though!!