Thursday, June 19, 2008

Picture fun

First up, let's all say a quick prayer that I don't permanently damage my back or break any toes--I'm off to start moving furniture as soon as I'm done posting. I've bought us a little time with Bobby--I've offered him Caroline's bed as a temporary measure. He refused at first (it is a white and girly bed), but then he changed his mind when I showed him the new Spiderman sheets (that I bought in January on sale). Wish me luck.

These are what we picked last Saturday:

And here is Caitlin with her teacher at the kindergarten picnic on Tuesday.
Last day of second grade for Caroline:
And I decided to do the Tie One On project for summer. The theme is gingham summer, and since I have an unnatural love of all things gingham, I had to participate. I couldn't really see making myself another apron (since I just received two through swaps), so I made aprons for the kids. The picture is silly, of course. Caroline was in the middle of teasing/torturing the dog with a biscuit. And you can't really see the gingham from so far away--or the bias tape detail. I made my own bias tape and I'm really tickled with how cute it turned out! Caitlin wanted to sleep in her apron last night, so I haven't been able to take it away from her so I can take closeups.
So we're all aproned up--I guess we need a cooking project to work on! Right after I finish my stint as a furniture mover...

Here we go!

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