Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So I was lying in bed this morning--5:50 this morning (damn dog) and thinking about a new post. Then, (at a more decent hour) I signed onto Blogger and begin updating the list of links I've added under Good Reads. But then Blogger just froze up once I clicked the save button, and after I impatiently clicked save a few more times, I discover that the list appears three times in a row. Frustrating. Yesterday I thought I lost an entire post--tragic, I know, especially considering how well written and deep that post was (I later discovered that the thermostat was still set at 65 and that's why I was so cold).

Deep breath. Then, my sister-in-law called to discuss this summer's vacation in lovely Cape May, New Jersey. That got me sidetracked and excited about summer! This will be our first year that we go back to a vacation place.

As I've been typing, I've noticed that the wind has really picked up--like "rip the siding off the house" picked up. Gusty too! This is the windiest place I've ever lived. I wish we had some room on our property to plant a couple of trees in places where it would help slow down the wind, but we don't. I find it kinda funny now that things I wish were different about this house (a back yard, more land, the house situated so that the front door would get some direct sun) are things that never crossed my mind when we were looking. I guess we were so excited about being able to get a bigger house with room for us to move around in (coming from a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1200 square feet home) that we didn't think much beyond the interior. I hope I can remember this next time we know, after the kids leave for college.

Okay, I've totally abandoned any pretense of writing about whatever was keeping me up early this morning. There's always tomorrow...

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