Friday, January 25, 2008

Half-day madness

It's a half-day today at school, which for me means that I get to pick up Caitlin at her usual time (11:10) and then turn around and go get Caroline at 11:55. Bobby has school this afternoon, so it'll be just us girls for a couple of hours. I think we're going to go to the library. I'm desperately in need of a good novel. I'm giving up on Tipperary (plus it's due next week, damn those 14 day loaners!).

I haven't been really buckling down with Tipperary because I've been spending my evenings sewing. I decided to make quilts for the girls' new dolls--those American girl dolls. They've been "sleeping" on the girls' nightstand, and Caroline has been covering hers with an old baby blanket. That upsets Caitlin because Caroline will not share the blanket (even though it's plenty big enough--it's the principle of the thing--you do not share with your sister!). So, I decided to make them quilts. Of course, I've never sewed a quilt before...but I'm doing just straight lines (which I'm pretty good at), and so far, they're coming out really cute! I'm also making one for Bobby for his monkey webkin--gotta be fair! These are going to be Valentine's day presents for the kids. I'm trying to stem the tide of unnecessary toys and crap, so we're going homemade for a few holidays.

Caroline is already asking for the new American Girl doll (Mia--available only this year! Hurry and buy it now!) and for a DS for her birthday--which is in June. She started this a couple of weeks ago. You know, right after Christmas. Sigh. Honestly, I'd rather get her the doll than a video game thing. She would just vanish into a cave of sedentariness (is that a word?) with a video game. Of course, I'd rather she want something that cost $25 instead of $100. I've told her how much they each cost. I'm hoping that after a few more months of this, I'll be able to say to her, "your father and I will spend $xxx on your birthday present this year. Which one do you want more?" I'm sure she'll come up with a few more big-ticket items to put on her list by then--she also comes home from the neighbor's house begging for a Wii at least twice a little time, so much crap.

Next week, the Girl Scout Cookies arrive! Caroline and I will be donning our snowsuits and heading out to a local Wal-Mart near you to whore out the cookies. Please buy a box, it's hard to keep a seven year old motivated when she can't feel her toes!

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