Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Thursday

And that means it's toilet scrubbing day! Somehow Thursdays have become my major cleaning day--which really just means toilets. I haven't gotten around to vacuuming yet (and it's sorely needed), and I sweep the kitchen way more often than I'd like, and we know that laundry is an almost daily occurrence. So Thursdays are just tons of fun, since most of the gross part of my toilet cleaning consists of wiping up my son's misses from behind the toilet.

Anywho, I haven't posted any current pictures in a while, so here are some!

This is my big Christmas present, which we now get to pay for on the credit card! Of course, it has five burners and a convection bake feature, so it's all good!

Shhh! This is the beginnings of Caitlin's doll quilt. I'll post the finished products when they're done.

This is Caroline's chickee. Still don't have a grade, but I think Rob and I deserve an A. Notice how I tied some of the top together with twine--that's because I started getting afraid that the glue would give way. Caroline did do some work on this--she had to hold it together while Rob glued the pieces. I made the roof--more hot glue, but Caroline painted the structure.

And this morning, I decided to play with the camera a little (and with the blocks--any excuse to play!). I like how the light looks in these last two pictures. All my blog surfing has left me wishing I could take prettier pictures--and not the subject matter, but the way the light is captured. I figure practice is the best way to learn. Don't you just love the freedom a digital camera provides? I mean, you'll never run out of film. Hell, I'm still using the memory card that came with the camera when I got it about three years ago!

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