Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All over the map today

I could write about numerous things today, but I know time is growing short for me--I'm down to one hour to shower and dress before we have to pick up Caitlin, so it's a quick trip through my thoughts this morning.

First, I was pissed at the lady at the sign-in desk at the elementary school this morning! Today Caroline had to bring in her project--she (we) made a chickee (a Seminole dwelling). Granted, I put it in a shoebox to make it easier to carry, and Caroline was carrying it just fine, but I was worried about her tripping and sending the thing flying. (I have developed an irrational fear that the glue will suddenly give way--and she'd be left with a pile of sticks.) Plus, I just wanted to go with my kid to her class--is that such a bad thing? But nooooo, the lady at the desk decreed (after I got my visitor sticker on and was heading to the class) that if Caroline could carry it by herself, I couldn't go. Hmpf.

Next, I'm a little excited for my little man. I've just signed Bobby up for tee-ball! How cute is that gonna be! This is his first sport activity, and I'm just tickled to death. I may feel differently once we're into the middle of the season--having to drag along unwilling older sisters, etc. But for now, I'll just go with the excitement!

Finally, I have some reading to do. I really want to find a good novel (my latest pick, Tipperary, isn't going that well. I've decided it's like "Irish Forrest Gump!" And that's not a good thing.), but for now I'm going to settle with reading the various Democratic candidates' "Plans" for America. I read John Edwards' plan last week, and I really really liked what he had to say. Now I realize that he's unfortunately probably not going to get the nomination, so I'd best check out what the other two have to say and see if I can get inspired by either. I'm feeling Barack more than Hillary at this point, but I'm really feeling Edwards the most. Anyway, this is the first time I've really done research on any candidate--beyond just reading blurbs and quick-comparison sheets of candidates in magazines. I think this is the first Presidential election in my lifetime (since I've been old enough to vote) where I really feel how high the stakes are--for our country and for the world, and it's important to get it right. Having dumped that bit of stuff on you, I'm off to the showers!

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