Monday, January 14, 2008


Things overheard in my house in the last thirteen hours:

"Mooo-oooommmm, Caitlin pooped in the shooooow-errrr!"

"Mommy, the dog is bothering me. I threw up in my bed, and he's eating the puke."

Needless to say, Caitlin did not go to school today. She has no fever, no real complaints--in other words, this was probably an isolated incident, but I have to keep her out anyway.

So it's 8:30, and I'm already on my second load of laundry today. Awesome!

And it didn't snow last night. I am disappointed. Rob could probably go for years without seeing snow, but I do not feel that way. I grew up in South Carolina, and snow was a very rare occurrence, and thus a very big deal. I still get excited at the prospect. Now that we've moved to Pennsylvania, I think we're just a few miles too far inland to really get those good nor'easters that we sometimes got in New Jersey. I don't like being on this side of the rain-snow line! I am sure that if I hadn't gone out and bought snow boots for Bobby and Caroline last week that we'd be buried in it is only January. February usually has a few chances for snow.

Wishing you happy winter thoughts today! Stay well!

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