Monday, January 28, 2008

Not enough time

I have spent probably the last couple of days at turkeyfeathers checking out all the links to other blogs, and it's amazing! I feel like I'm bursting with creative energy, and yet I can't find enough time to let it out. My quilting project has to wait until the kids are in bed--and sometimes I don't feel like working on crafts at 8:00pm. At least with no new TV shows to watch, I'm more likely to haul out the sewing machine. But still, I haven't begun to wrap up the quilt project, and I'm trying like hell to make myself finish before I go get distracted with a new project. And I'm having a heck of a time choosing the next direction--do I continue sewing? Try my hand at embroidery? Or take up knitting? (seriously--I have been thinking about this waaay too much) Maybe I should get the kids started making valentines for their classmates. That usually takes a couple of weekends...what to make? Better stock up on glue sticks!

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