Saturday, January 26, 2008


Boy, that internets sure does have a lot of information! I'm giving myself carpal tunnel because I keep finding all sorts of neat places to check out. People are so creative--I just love looking at all their creations! Here's one I discovered yesterday afternoon. She does such marvelous stuff--it makes me want to start sewing tote bags for everything.

Last night I was ready to start finishing my quilts (if that makes any sense). After a couple of tries, it was obvious that my method wasn't going to work, so I quit for the night. This morning, I've been online looking for instructional videos on how to finish quilts, and I hit the jackpot. I can see that I've been going about it all wrong. I know, I know, if I'd done this research last week, I could be done by now, but I was all fired up to start the project. No permanent damage has been done, and I should be able to finish them up fairly easily. I love the internet!

And now I need to check the calendar to see who will be the lucky recipient of a birthday tote bag (you know, when I get around to making them--in my spare time!).

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