Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well, hello there!

It's Tuesday morning, and I've already made a batch of muffins, a bowl of oatmeal, a pot of coffee, and two school lunches. The washing machine is beeping at me, and the little boy is asking me repeatedly if he can watch TV.Blogger uploaded this picture sideways, and I can't figure out how to rotate it once it's in blogger. It is right side up in the "my pictures" file. Anyway, I found this book at the library a couple of visits ago, and I am loving it.
My kids (well, one of them anyway) would eat pancakes everyday if I would make them. I do not want to make pancakes every day. They're only good when they're right off the griddle, and they don't reheat well. But muffins are good warm or room temperature, and they keep for a couple of days. I am enjoying making muffins in the morning.
As much as I dislike the idea of giving the kids chocolate in the morning, they absolutely love these Chocolate Speckled Muffins. And they haven't figured out that the muffins also contain oatmeal, so we'll just keep that to ourselves, shall we? We all enjoy the peanut butter muffins, too. This morning I made Maple Pecan muffins. I thought they were delicious. The kids...not so much. For some reason, they balked at the pecans. And these are kids who love to snack on almonds and cashews!
Today is a big day around here: Rob started his new job! I wanted to pack him a lunch box and take his picture...
Now that I am regaining the computer, I expect to be back here on a more regular basis. I'm looking forward to it.

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Dimple said...

So glad Rob is working again! It's probably a good thing you didn't pack him a lunch or take his picture, though!