Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's outing

After I dropped Bobby off at school, I went to the library by myself.
This time, I was looking for books just for me. I even picked out a couple of CDs to listen to in the car.
After I finished in the library, I walked around the grounds. There's an art museum adjacent, and all sorts of large old trees. I made a few friends.
I found some treasures.
And I have the perfect place to show them off!

Now I'm ready to snuggle up with a few books.

What are you reading this week?


Meredith said...

I see you have the Maryjane Butters book...I LOVE looking at mine. So calming. I went to the library today and got a bread baking book and a sewing book! We are on the same wavelength Miss Meg!!

Dimple said...

I am in the middle of The Once and Future King by T H White, and I just checked out Gertruda's Oath by Ram Oren.

Amy said...

the library by *yourself*? to get a book for *you* to read? hmmm - I can't remember what that feels like...