Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some pictures and a few words

One of the "advantages" of having a geriatric dog is that I find myself up at all hours to let him out. Because of our midnight trips outside, I've been able to track the Big Dipper's progress across the sky over the summer. Seeing a sky full of stars really is breathtaking, and it eases (ever so slightly) the pain of being out of bed. A couple of days ago, I let the dog out just as the sun was coming up.
I know it's just a sliver of sunrise caught between two houses, but it was quite spectacular! And that was an awful lot of words--let me be more concise for the remaining pictures...

Mama's new sweater.

Mama's weekly trip to the library.

Our new buddy.

I reminded him that it is autumn now, and that he'd better go join the ants in preparing for winter!

1 comment:

Julia said...

That grasshopper is NUTS!!! That sweater is turning out so pretty, gray is one of my most favorite colors.

PS. I want to go to your library. All we have is lame 1980's primary colored crafting books with stupid looking teddy bears!