Thursday, February 26, 2009

Get in gear...

Thanks for listening to me gripe about my household management issues the other day. It's just one of those things that irks me, and I was in a moody place, so it all came out in a bit of a rant, I guess. Rob and I can laugh about our differences--he knows that I don't want him to do the dishes, but I do want him to WANT to do the dishes. And I do give him credit when he does want to do the dishes. (But like he says, why would he ever want to do dishes?)

Anyway, while I was busy bitching, our little gathering was multiplying! What started out as a small gathering of maybe three more adults and the five kids that go with them has morphed into eleven adults and eleven kids! Yikes!

Add to that the fact that I keep dragging my feet on making this birthday present for a party on Saturday...and you can see that I'm going to be a busy girl. As a plus, I'll probably sleep very well on Sunday night.

I'll be back on Monday with pictures!

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