Monday, February 16, 2009

Yellow #1

Erin is hosting a Yellow Week this week. This is going to tougher than I had thought. I don't have much yellow around the house. It is way too early for my daffodils to come out, so I'll have to stop by the market this week (since I never did buy any flowers last week).

So here's a bit of yellow that is always on display in my kitchen. The rubber gloves. I've been wearing rubber gloves to clean dishes since my early twenties. I love it--I can let the water get really hot.

I look forward to seeing the lovely, sunny yellow images that crop up in Blogland this week. It'll be nice to have a dash of springy color, won't it?


caroline said...

LOVE this!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

I'm looking forward to getting to know yellow just a bit better this week too. I am NOT however going to get to know my yellow gloves any better, they will sit unattended as usual!