Saturday, February 14, 2009

Megapixels, baby

I finally installed the software for this new camera--I'm up to 10 megapixels! I have no idea what that means as a practical matter; I just know I've doubled my megapixels from the old camera.

And since most of the past week was pictureless, here are more pictures than you could ever want:

Last Sunday we went for a walk around a local park to celebrate the semi-warmth.

Mama got in a shot, too.

Yesterday afternoon I made shortbread cookies. This afternoon I'm going to dip them in chocolate, because it's not enough that the recipe called for three sticks of butter. They also need chocolate.
This morning. Here are the kids in their Chunky Knit Beanies, pattern courtesy of Leslie. Caitlin has been wearing hers all day.

Heart-shaped pancakes. Caitlin woke in the night with yet another nosebleed, and all she could talk about was could she have heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. Of course!

Here is mama's Valentine's present. And this will explain my sudden disappearance next week.

Maybe after all that reading, I'll get around to organizing what was once our dining room.

After all, I will have some birthday projects to start soon.
Happy Valentine's day to you all.


John said...

you'll probably chuckle to hear that i, too, am reading the twilight books ... at my wife's insistence! i am halfway through book #2 ...

Meredith said...

YOu will enjoy 2 was my least fave,b ut it did pick up and then WHAMMO! LOVEd the whole series.

Cute treats and ideas for V-day!!