Monday, August 20, 2007

Rainy Monday

Yes, it's raining. It began yesterday and will probably continue through tomorrow. Currently, the temperature is sixty-four degrees (and as I type those words I hear the "local on the 8s" voice from the Weather Channel). We need the rain, and the break from hot weather is nice. It's always fun to wear jeans in August--for a couple of days, anyway. Let's not get crazy.

Caroline is doing better. She had a low-grade fever this morning, but her appetite is returning and the arguing has increased. She and I had a really nice, really quiet weekend together.

I took the kids to the library this afternoon. I usually don't get any books from the library because the kids want to run right to the kids' section--not follow me around while I browse. Based on our last couple of trips, I can't really say "be right there, kids" because I've had to run across the kids' section to break up their fighting. Can't imagine how embarassing it would be to have to run across the whole library to stop Caitlin's screaming. I did pick up the latest copy of BookPage: America's Book Review, and I read it once we got home. I found several books in it that looked good to me.

Now I usually love to go to the bookstore or troll the book aisle at Costco, but today I just couldn't imagine going with my travelling circus. So, I've been on Amazon, shopping for books. I've added quite a few to my wish list, but haven't ordered them yet. It feels weird, buying a book without having held it, read the back cover, or smelled it, even. Then again, I just do love getting packages delivered to my door.

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