Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's 8:30 a.m.

And Caitlin is telling me she's hungry (again). This after a fifteen-minute screaming bout because she wanted pancakes, not cereal. Then she ate the cereal, and now she needs a snack. I swear, the constant whining over food is so annoying!

We're in that three-week period of no camps, no swim lessons, nothing on the horizon until that blessed day, September 4. It feels like at the end of a pregnancy, when you've got nothing to do but wait, and wait (and in my case, wait some more--all 3 babies were late!). Ah, brainstorm coming on! Since dear hubby has asked that I pull back on spending, and since the girls have so many hand-me-downs, maybe this afternoon we'll do a "fashion show" of fall clothes. That way I can see what fits, and with the ol' digital camera, we'll give it a real runway feel. This could take up at least an hour! Wish us luck.

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