Friday, August 10, 2007

Loose ends

Okay, I've been waiting to post vacation pictures. I guess my idea was that I would post a whole bunch, so you get the feel of how it went. I'm not sure why I've been waiting, so I'll be including those pictures today. I don't know what my captioning abilities are, if any, so it may just be a bunch of beach pictures.

Caitlin's status: holding steady. After her brother gave her a big, fat nosebleed last night (threw a toy at her head, I think--I had of course just left the room to answer the phone), she went to bed okay. At 3:00am she woke up, burning up and asking for water. She refused any medicine. At 7:30am, still burning up, she finally took the Tylenol after her father repeatedly bribed, begged, cajoled, and almost threatened. Now her temperature is down, but she doesn't want to eat. Now, do I take her to see the Wizard of Oz play today or do I eat the tickets? That's the question of the day.

I'm not sleeping well. Part of it is the repeated middle-of-the-night antics of Caitlin and my geriatric dog, but part of it is my freaking pillow! I have had pillow problems for the better part of two years. I think I'm at the point where I buy yet another pillow. Company Store, you'd better come through for me this time!

Layout changes: you may have noticed all those books at the top of my blog. My friend Colleen turned me on to Shelfari yesterday. You can post what you're reading, read and post reviews of other books, etc. It looks like fun, and I'm always on the lookout for another good read. Hope you enjoy.

Finally, I have got to get out of the house! The walls have been closing in, we're out of milk, and I haven't been to the gym since Monday! Aaaagh!

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