Friday, February 28, 2014

What I'm Into: February 2014

Linking up with Leigh again.

I think February has lasted about six weeks!  In between snow shoveling sessions, we spent much of our time at home.


We watched a little of the Olympics coverage, but every night we sat on the couch and checked in for our new part-time job--watching Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad
I think we have twelve episodes left.  This show has been so good.  All of the characters are flawed, and some of them are truly despicable, but I can't look away. 

Downton Abbey
I have to admit, this season didn't really live up to expectations for me.  I also probably didn't give it a fair shake.  For a few weeks, Downton was just filler until Sherlock came on.  I missed an episode--I was away and when I returned home, I learned that the DVR had failed to record it.  I also didn't get to watch the entire finale.  I will watch it all again soon.  It is the most delicious eye candy.  I also think maybe I should have been alive during the 1920's, because I just love the hats!

The Amazing Race
This show has been one of our Sunday night staples for years, and we were caught by surprise to learn that a new race has started.  We haven't yet caught up, but we will.  When this show first aired, I used to imagine that there was no way that Rob and I could run the race together.  I think that over the years, we have learned enough about how we each work--and how to communicate effectively with each other--that we could probably do it.  I would love to see a behind the scenes show about the race--how long does it really take the teams to clear customs before they can be filmed running out of the airport?

How I Met Your Mother
This has finally returned from its Olympics hiatus, and I am so happy about that.  I am not happy that the show is ending in March.  Did they cut the season short?  It feels like it's finally getting good.  I am going to miss this show.


The Avett Brothers--Magpie and the Dandelion
I found this at the library earlier this week.  I have listened to it once through so far, and I like what I hear.  I may be purchasing this one soon.


Shana Norris said...

Have you listened to any other albums by the Avetts? I think I + Love + You was their last truly great album.

leelee said...

I agree about How I Met Your Mother. The last few episodes have been the best all season. I hope we see a lot of the "Mother." in the last few episodes.

Leigh Kramer said...

Downton was a little lackluster this season but my guess is Fellowes was giving us a break after the heartbreak of Matthew's death. The finale is well worth watching the whole way through, for the closing scene alone. The Avett Brothers are fantastic! I agree with what Shana said above.