Saturday, March 1, 2014

Do You Know How?

The past six months have provided me with a few learning opportunities in our home.  I don't know if the things I've learned are common knowledge and I'm just late to the party, or if there really is a need for more education on homeowner basics. 

Much of what I have learned involves water.  Truly, I can't think of anything scarier than a flooding basement.  Or a gas leak.  But really, water where it shouldn't be is one of my fears.
See that?  Water where it shouldn't be!
Our home has a sprinkler system.  We have the township to thank for that.  (And probably the sprinkler-company-owning brother-in-law of one of our town officials, I'm guessing.)  Anywho, it came to pass last summer that we had a leaking sprinkler pipe.  Not as much water as I had feared, but since my husband was out of town, I was fully prepared to freak out. 
That black handle will cut off the water to the house.

Fortunately, I have very nice and well-informed neighbors who were able to show me where the shut-off valve for the sprinklers is.  Also, the main shut-off valve for all the water in the house.  These are good things to know.

See that yellow handle?  You pull it down to stop the water supply to the sprinklers.

Last month, I learned how to shut off the gas and the water to the water heater.  Also good to know.  I learned this on YouTube. 

This is a leaking water heater.

I wish I understood the sump pump better.  I wish I knew what French drains are, how they work, and whether we have them.

Is there any other basic thing I should know how to do?  What about you?  Is there something you wished you knew how to do but don't?

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