Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lessons from Winter 2014

I'm linking up with Jen this week.  She's doing a 7 posts in 7 days challenge, and I have accepted the challenge!
I think it's safe to say that most of America has had it up to here with winter.  This past weekend we saw temperatures above 50 degrees, and it was enough of a taste of spring to make me realize that I am starved for warmer weather!  However, I have spent enough winters north of the Mason-Dixon line now to know that we have many more weeks to go before we can start thinking about shedding the heavy coats and boots.
Each winter gives me the chance to relearn some lessons I should know by now.
Here are some examples:


Shovel early and often.
We don't own a snowblower.  After eight years in this house, with this driveway and this long stretch of sidewalk, we have decided to make peace with the shoveling.  Also, we make nice with our snowblower-owning neighbors who often help us out!  But even with help, we know that we have to get out there every few inches or so. 

Reward your kids who help with the shoveling.
Once they realize there's money to be had, they are much more willing to help.

And here are some new lessons that I have learned this winter:

Don't be cavalier about facing off against potholes.
Because you will eventually lose.

Pay for that road hazard coverage when you buy tires.
Because then you won't have to shell out as much when the potholes take one of your tires.

Actually plan for power outages.
Don't plan on a movie marathon in between sledding sessions; think of things you can do to stay occupied.  Think about how you will open the garage door, where you will put the refrigerated food, etc.

Stock up on batteries. 
A battery-powered radio does wonders to liven up a silent and dark house.

You can never have too many flashlights.
At least one per person.

Make sure you have matches to light the gas stovetop.
Then you can make coffee, soup, hot chocolate, chili, etc.

And remember, that even though it feels like this winter will never end, all things--even winter--eventually come to an end!

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