Thursday, February 27, 2014

Purse Dump

I noticed yesterday that many blogs were linking up for a Purse Dump post.  This sounds like a fun idea, and I need all the post ideas I can get to make it through the 7 in 7 challenge, so here goes:

Here is the purse.  It's a Vera Bradley--I can't remember the name of the style, but I very much like it.  Its shape is similar to the hipster bag, but it has more compartments. This bag was a Christmas present, and even though it is springy-looking, I have been using it all winter.
As I moved all my stuff into this bag, I made a deliberate effort to pare down the amount of stuff I carry on a daily basis.  Years of toting a heavy purse are catching up with my neck and shoulders.

 So here it is:  the contents of my purse!  I can see that a couple of items are missing: my phone and my reading glasses.

I have my chapstick, two lipsticks, a small mirror, a hair elastic, and breath mints.  Then I have a small calendar, some lotion, several pens, some coupons from the paper, and my packet of store cards.  My leather zip bag holds ibuprofen, children's Tylenol, and tampons.  I have a cloth handkerchief and sunglasses, my wallet, my business cards, and some papers I printed out at work.  Also there is a plastic clip from my daughter's snow pants.  I took it to Joann to buy a replacement and never took the broken one out of my purse.  (I also never fixed the snow pants.)


How much money is in the wallet today?  Five dollars!  Enough singles so that the elementary school kids can buy lunch tomorrow!

 And this pink thing?  The coolest thing in my purse.  It holds all my store loyalty cards.  I found this in Target several years ago.  I think they still sell them--look in the office supplies area.

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