Friday, October 30, 2009

In Between

In between the company, the dance lessons, the school parades and the school parties this week, there has been some more crafting.

For Christmas for my niece, the Bella mittens. One down, one to go.

And stocking stuffers for my kids, the Family Heart from Handmade Home. A super way to use up some scraps. (I still have to stuff them.)

I'm making slow progress on my Christmas quilt. It seems that every time I sit down to work on it, I immediately think of other things that I could be working on, and I find myself fighting the urge to start on something else.

After several nights of good cooking, I ran out of steam last night, and Rob went to Chipotle. (We had a coupon for a free burrito!) And with all the back and forth to school today, I never had time to run out to the store; so I'm torn between throwing something together from what I have at home or asking Rob to pick up something on his way home. I'm trying to save pizza night for tomorrow, so I should get to searching the pantry.


Sara said...

Oh, boy! Chipotle! We don't have one anywhere near us. Probably a good thing b/c I really like 'em.
Sometimes, when the schedule is crazy, you just gotta let yourself give in to the convenience.
Love the ornaments. I'm going to put Handmade Home on hold at our local library.

Julia said...

Those mittens are just gorgeous. I love little girls in pink. I am the same way when I try to craft...always something else stealing my minds limited attention span.

Pizza night comes twice a month at our house, usually on payday and what a nice day it is.

Amy said...

That is an excellent mitten!

Meredith said...

I haven't been able to comment until computer locks up when I try to load your site, so I am using my husband's! Great crafting. Those hearts are precious and those bella mittens are the color!!!