Monday, November 2, 2009

Loads o'photos

I love these mittens. The pattern was very easy to follow, although I didn't do the magic loop as called for in the pattern. I think I needed a longer circular needle to do it successfully. It knit up just fine on dpns.
Today I went in search of yarn for more Christmas related activities. I had a very brief kid-free window of time, so I had to go to A.C. Moore instead of one of my favorite LYS. What a pleasant surprise to discover that A.C. Moore had a much larger than expected selection of Patons wool AND it was all 25% off! Bonus!

What early November post would be complete without some Halloween pictures? Here are the girls after I finished with face paint and right before the oldest ran out the door to trick or treat with a friend.
A fairy and a clown. Later I discovered that the clown had wiped all her face paint off before she went out.

This one is grainy because I forgot to turn the flash on, but I wanted to show the boy in his costume. He's Ben 10--and all of these costumes were either handed down or recycled!
Last night, the boy lost his second tooth! It was a bloody mess, but he was so pleased with himself.

And when he woke up this morning, he quietly took his dollar from the tooth fairy and put it in his piggy bank! Just too cute for this mama!


Julia said...

I am dreading when Eben loses his first tooth.

I am not good with wiggling loose teeth.

I can't believe what a fast knitter that you are. I get sidetracked so easily that it takes me a month to finish even the simplest of hats.

Heather said...

I have seen those mitten before, and they look wonderful. I love the colors that you chose.