Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What do you do...

When you learn that you'll be having overnight guests on Tuesday, and the house is still in its post-weekend-wreck state,

And you just brought this book home from the library,
And you have this toile left over from when you decorated the dining room?
You make Mama's Bag,

And you put your latest knitting project in it!

And then you clean!


Dimple said...

I think you have your priorities straight! Enjoy your visitors!

Julia said...

Now that is just what I would have done!

That bag looks terrific.

Amy said...

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Jessica said...

Finally, someone else who thinks like I do! Leaving for Vegas in the AM? Don't pack yet...sew up a knitting project bag for the plane!

Stopped by from Amy's blog...I love your finished bag and am enjoying the blog.