Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. Greenjeans

Well here we are. It's my new sweater.
The pattern is Mr. Greenjeans. It's from Knitty, fall 2007.
I made some modifications. I started the cable and rib pattern higher up, and I made the sleeves extra-long. I also switched to larger needles as I worked down the cable and rib pattern.

The yarn is Galway Highland Heather from Plymouth Yarn. It's a pretty basic wool, but at about $7.00 for 210 yards, the price is right! I used four skeins and I have an unused one left over.
I love the sweater, but I don't totally love the way it fits. I may re-block it. I wanted it to be more fitted. For starters, I wanted the cable and rib to start right under the bust (It seems a little low to me). I debated using smaller needles when I started the cable and rib pattern (to make it more fitted). At the same time, though, I had seen pictures on ravelry of others who had done this, and those sweaters didn't really "close." I didn't want my sweater to look like it was being held together by the one button and then just gaping open at the bottom. It's a little open and that's okay. I did wear it on Sunday--all day, from church, to apple-picking, and out on a date night!
I will say that the pattern was very easy to follow, and the sweater came together very quickly. I have been browsing through ravelry in search of my next project for me--there are loads of projects for others (Christmas gifts) that are already done or on the needles!

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Julia said...

It looks like you bought it at a high-end store. So stunning, honestly.

The button is perfect with the color.

Good luck with your other projects you knitting fiend!